The Obsidian Tower – Coming to Kickstarter May 7th!

The Obsidian Tower is coming to Kickstarter May 7th!

The Obsidian Tower is an exciting fantasy-based co-operative adventure that supports action for as many as six players, ages 12 and up. 
We believe our game passes four critical core assessments that will contribute to overall satisfaction: Game Mechanics; Length of Play; Story; and Artwork.

Adventure awaits only the bravest!  For centuries, the kingdom has lived in peace but now a darkness begins to creep throughout the countryside. Something rumbles in the distance and a looming shadow grows around a long dormant keep – The Obsidian Tower.  Rumors abound of skirmishes rife with vile creatures are upsetting a peaceful balance. Lands are now becoming foul where they once flourished. The people are unsettled and a shadow hovers above causing fire and brimstone to erupt ….

An Evil inhabits the Tower …

Teaser Trailer #1 for the Obsidian Tower game.

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You and a few friends take on the roles of mighty heroes – each with their own unique abilities – who have answered a summons from the King.  Take turns questing throughout the land. On your journey, you will find adventure, acquire wealth and discover magical artifacts that will grant you entry into the Obsidian Tower and allow you to vanquish your foe! 

Just a few of the original 8 heroes available in the game. All artwork and assets not final. You’re gonna see those words a lot.
The Dragon serves as a roadblock and will make your quest more difficult. Will your party be able to slay this beast?

Below is a snapshot of our showing (w/ 3D printed tower) at Strategicon in Los Angeles: 

Playtesting the game @ Strategicon

Showing off our game at Strategicon in Los Angeles back in February.

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The game also has economy and your party will also be able to spend their wealth to purchase items as they become available at certain times within a couple of marketplaces. 

Items can be purchased at certain marketplaces during the game. Be sure to spend your gold wisely. All artwork and assets not final.

While battling the foul minions of the Witchlord of Agaroth – who is also known as the Darkbringer – you will encounter 3rd parties attempting to exploit a bad situation as well as natural plights to make your life miserable.  In other words, there are additional trials and tribulations that should be accounted for.

Be sure to have gold available as items can be taken from you after they have been purchased. All art and assets not final.

Yes, with enough support our plan is to have all the bells and whistles too! Are you the type of gamer who prefers that extra level of immersion into the world you are stepping into? Well, even though we know not everyone does we also want to cater to folks like you.  We’ve been working on designs and 3D printing prototypes with the hope to provide a full-scale deployment of injection molded models for those that want them (or to all if we gain enough support).

We named our 3D printer Ursula (doesn’t really mean anything) and the below video contains a few side-by-sides of her in action working on some of our prototypes.  She still has a good bit of work cut out for her.

From left-to-right: The Obsidian Tower, 2 of the 3 relics and bumper/rocker design for tile flipping on the Collector’s Edition game board. 

Ursula at work

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Here is a copy of the design plans for the Collector’s Edition gameboard:

Current revision is v4.

Here is how the bumpers and rockers etched within the board will work …

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Holy Hand Grenade!! It’s truly awesome to see the following and anticipation for our launch over the past year. We’ve been having a lot of fun interacting with our followers and bringing them along on our journey from design to delivery.  We’re almost to the finish line!

Getting the production line up and running

Why Kickstarter? Well, developing a high quality tabletop game isn’t cheap especially when produced at low volume.  We refuse to take any shortcuts that will sacrifice quality.  Our supporters deserve to receive an end-product that is equivalent to their pledged support.

Where we are currently falling short

We wish (like most folks) we had an unlimited budget but we don’t.  We’ve pretty much gotten as far as we can on our own so we could use a hand with our development costs for the remaining design, prototyping and production of our miniatures for the Tower Edition. Our ultimate goal would be to be able to deliver a full set for those gamers who love minis and provide the best quality possible. If we get enough support then we’ll upgrade everyone who has at least pledged at the Core Box level all the way up to the Tower Edition level.

Our Collector’s Edition gameboard has been prototyped and is ready for production however there is still the development of the ceramics with our 3D printing process that needs to be tested and completed.

Our vision

We want to become a sustainable business as we have many more plans and ideas for subsequent products.  The initial Obsidian Tower prototype is almost ready for production as are the first and second expansion packs.  In addition, there’s a companion mobile app that is currently being developed which all Kickstarter supporters will receive for free once it has been completed. If at all possible, we’d love to have a beta available when we ship.

As our team was once (and continues to be) inspired by those games and adventures we enjoy playing, it is our sincerest hope that we can inspire at least one person within the next generation of game design.

We need your support for us to reach our milestones!

To realize our dream of becoming a quality entertainment provider, we must sell at least 1,000 units during our Kickstarter campaign to be able to comfortably produce our game in bulk.  If we reach 5,000 units, we will be able to mass-produce domestically and if we hit 10,000 units, we will be able to meet additional distribution for a burgeoning global demand.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Jared and I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I’m 39 years old and I have worked in enterprise-level manufacturing for a living for over 12 years. The Obsidian Tower is the very first game (along with its two expansion packs) I’ve developed but is one that I have had on my bucket list to create since I was a kid.  

Recently, I had traveled home on bereavement when a close friend had invited me over to a regular game night he hosted at his home among friends.  It had been a very long time since I had enjoyed an evening engaging with others over analog tabletop experiences.  This evening truly sparked something in me as many, many game design elements that I had worked on in my youth came rushing back to me!  I was elated and began assimilating many different mechanics (which were new to me) that we had played through that evening.  This was in April 2018.  

All this past year, I have put all my resources into the development of The Obsidian Tower. I have always been a lover of strategy, fantasy and RPG genres such as Dungeons & Dragons, etc.  A personal favorite of mine in my teenage years was Warhammer 40k (Chaos) – painting/personalizing all of those minis was just as fun as the adventure they provided; a deeper level of immersion within that particular game world.  

The Obsidian Tower draws on many themes which have influenced me growing up as well as some original elements.  Being that this is the very first game under my belt I also wanted to pay homage to those before me so I placed several Easter eggs within The Obsidian Tower for others to discover.  I may do a guessing contest in the future with this but currently I am undecided.  

There are many different types of gamers in the world and that brings about very distinct differences to cater to. My overarching goal from the outset has been to cater the game to the gamer and not the other way around. With all of the feedback I’ve received I’m confident that I have come somewhat close to that mark. 

Realizing that not all gamers enjoy the challenge of being the staunch strategist, The Obsidian Tower has been designed to have its difficulty level fluctuate proportionately with the number of players while the base difficulty increases through the usage of its expansion packs.  While miniatures are not a requirement to play the game itself, miniatures will be offered to those who enjoy enhancing their gaming experience with an immersive 3d element.  

As a first time developer, I have learned many lessons as The Obsidian Tower has been a very time consuming project, not to mention one that has also come with considerable financial strain! The game has been play tested countless times and has gone through many iterations.  Truthfully, I am both relieved that this phase is over and also very proud to be able to release the game to the world.  But I cannot take 100% credit for this game becoming a reality.  I would be remiss if I didn’t honor those who have supported me and generously contributed with their help.  You will find these folks listed below.  

A few people have expressed interest in joining together and have offered their game ideas and professional abilities to creating more games (some of which sound really cool).  This had me thinking and after some serious discussions we’ve decided to pool our resources to creating a small and independent design/manufacturing/publishing outfit should The Obsidian Tower’s level of success allow us to do so.  Our goal would be to bring these other titles to market as well as help others who have awesome game ideas (but may not have the resources) to bring their creations to life.  

So with all of that being stated, my plan is not simply to stop here; the goal is to continue to produce quality entertainment options.  I understand that your hard-earned dollars that you pledge should align well with the product you receive and it is my sincerest hope that The Obsidian Tower exceeds your expectations.  

Please consider supporting this campaign to not only make a childhood dream come true but also potentially to help start a process that allows paying it forward …

There is an old proverb stating that “it takes a village …” and the development of this game can be viewed within that same context.  We are extremely grateful for the assistance we have received.  The following list are those developers, artists and game testers who have generously contributed to our project and deserve recognition: